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Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Rotruck and Health Meter Cat Litter featured on Zootoo


Dr. Jennifer Rotruck and your pet's health. Some tips.....

We all want our pets to live long, happy and healthy lives. The best way to reach this goal is to do everything possible to prevent injury or disease. Here are some simple things you can do to insure that your pet has the best life possible.

YEARLY EXAMS: Regardless of age, breed, lifestyle or outward appearance of health a veterinarian should examine all pets at least once a year. Senior pets and those with certain health conditions should have more frequent exams. Pets are very good at hiding disease and your vet could detect a potential problem weeks, months or even years before obvious signs of disease are seen at home. Early detection of disease always leads to the best chance of recovery and will be less painful for your pet and less expensive for you.

SPAY OR NEUTER: All pets should be spayed or neutered unless you intend to responsibly breed them. This can prevent many diseases including some cancers, reduces roaming tendencies and prevents unwanted litters.

VACCINES: Vaccinations are an important part of any healthcare plan. Always request 3-year vaccines if they are approved in your county because they are just as effective as 1-year vaccines but reduce the risk of possible side effects. Also ask about what vaccines are necessary for your pet. Not all vaccines are required for all pets due to differences in lifestyle, age and your geographic location.

HEALTHY FOOD AND FRESH WATER: Always feed your pet the highest quality food you can afford. A healthy diet will create a healthier pet with a shinier coat. You may also notice that cleaning the litter box or picking up after your dog is easier to do! Also, remember to give your pets the same filtered or bottled water that you drink.

YOUR PET NEEDS TO GO TO THE GYM TOO: Dogs and cats need exercise just as much as we do. Walking your dog or playing with your cat will benefit both of you. And remember that the easiest way to keep your pet fit is to prevent them from becoming overweight in the first place. This can help prevent many diseases that also occur in humans such as diabetes and arthritis.

DON’T LET THEM RUN FREE: Dogs should always be on a leash if outdoors and cats are MUCH safer indoors. Even the most obedient and loyal dog can run out into the street if it sees something exciting on the other side. Limiting your pets freedom just a little bit will stop you from having to deal with the trauma of a cat or dog who’s been hit by a car, attacked by another animal or runs away.

MICROCHIPS AND TAGS: All pets should wear a collar with tags and be micro-chipped. This is a simple procedure that can be done at anytime but is often done during a spay or neuter. It is not much different than getting a vaccine and is harmless to your pet. It enables a clinic or shelter that finds your pet to rapidly determine who he or she belongs to and create a happy reunion.

FIGHT THE FLEAS, TICKS AND WORMS: Ask you veterinarian about what preventatives your pet needs based on their lifestyle, geographic location and age. These can help prevent heartworms, fleas, ticks and various other “unwelcome guests” that may want to visit your pet.

DENTAL CARE: Dental disease is the #1 most common problems seen in pets. Most pets over the age of 3 have some degree of dental disease. If you can brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis, that’s great. For most of us this isn’t a practical option so routine cleanings at your veterinarians office become necessary. There is no specific time frame that is right for all pets. Some pets need their teeth cleaned every 6 months where others can go up to 3 years. Your veterinarian can tell you if it’s time for a safe and effective cleaning under sedation. Maintaining good oral health can help prevent painful tooth loss and even heart, lung and kidney disease.

ROUTINE LABWORK: I recommend routine labwork (blood and urine tests) at least once a year for all pets that are in their middle age to senior years. This is about 7-8 years for cats and 6-8 years for dogs depending on the breed. Pets are notoriously good at hiding illness and often don’t show signs of disease until it has progressed to a serious stage. Routine bloodwork can detect health problems in about 10% of animals that seem outwardly healthy.

EARLY SIGNS OF DISEASE: If your pet shows any change in behavior, habits, eating, drinking, urinating or does anything that concerns you it’s time for an exam. And remember that “age is not a disease.” There are many diseases that become more common with age, but age alone is not a reason for a pet to do things such as change eating habits or have trouble climbing stairs.

YOUR VETERINARIAN: Always take your pet to a veterinarian you trust and have a good relationship with.

About the author: Jennifer Rotruck, DVM is a graduate from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She runs her own veterinary house call practice in Destin, Florida. Dr. Rotruck lives and works with her 3 cats, 2 dogs and lop eared rabbit. She can be contacted at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are the ingredients in Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect" Cat Litter Additive?
A: Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect" are made up of Silica (Amorphous Silicon Dioxide).

Q: What is Silicon Dioxide?
A: Silicon Dioxide is naturally occurring in nature. Silicon Dioxide is the main ingredient in what is commonly referred to as "sand". Two common kinds of Silicon Dioxide exist. Silicon dioxide (silica) is one of the most commonly encountered substances in both daily life and in electronics manufacturing. Beach sand is mostly silica.

Q: What are the two types of Silicon Dioxide and are they bad for my kitty?

A: The two types of Silicon Dioxide are Amorphous Silicon Dioxide and Crystalline Silicon Dioxide.

Q: Which type of Silicon dioxide is in Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect"?
A: The type of Silicon Dioxide used in Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect" Cat Litter Additive is Amorphous Silicon Dioxide. It is harmless and found in products like Talc and Silica Gel (found in your new tennis shoes and camera).

Attached is the link to a World Health Organization scholarly paper on how Amorphous silicon dioxide is harmless to humans and animals.

Q: What about Crystalline silicon dioxide?
A: Crystalline silicon dioxide (in several forms: quartz, cristobalite, tridymite) is an important constituent of a great many minerals and gemstones, both in pure form and mixed with related oxides. The dust from Crystalline silicon dioxide has been found to be harmful when inhaled in large quantities.
Attention: Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect" DO NOT CONTAIN Crystalline silicon dioxide.

Q: What if my cat eats the litter off the paws?
A: Nothing in Health Meter Cat Litter or "Detect", especially the amorphous silicon dioxide contained will harm your cat or you. It is inert and harmless. When silica is ingested orally, it passes unchanged through the gastrointestinal tract, exiting in the fece, leaving no trace behind. silicon dioxide produces no fumes. It is indigestible, with zero nutritional impact or toxicity.

Q: Are Health Meter Cat Litter and "Detect" Biodegradable?
A: Yes, they will both biodegrade to common sand in time.

New product!!! Detect Cat Litter Additive

Performance Comparison of DETECT Cat Litter Additive and Health Meter Cat Litter vs. other diagnostic cat litters

High pH

Some Bladder Infections, Bladder Stones and Bladder Crystals are detected (High pH does not indicate ALL Bladder Infections, Stones and Crystals)

Low pH

Bladder Stones and Bladder Crystals are detected (Low pH does not indicate ALL Bladder Infections, Stones and Crystals)

Microscopic Blood

MOST Bladder Infections, Bladder Stones and Bladder Crystals are detected (Blood detects most bladder problems missed by pH alone)

Protein (Only detected by Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive)

Some Kidney Diseases are detected

Bilirubin (Only detected by Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive)

Liver Diseases are detected

Did you know a cat will usually hide his or her illness until they are very sick?

Did you know a cat will usually hide his or her illness until they are very sick? By doing this they make their treatment much more difficult and expensive. Now for the first time you can monitor the health of your cat in the comfort of your own home with Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive. Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive are an exciting new diagnostic litter and additive that change color when certain health conditions are present. These color changes occur with some very common problems such as urinary crystals, bladder infections and certain liver diseases. This revolutionary new product could help you know that you need to take your cat to the veterinarian days before outward signs of illness are detected. Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive make it possible to monitor the health trends of your cat and allows the early detection of disease through its unique color change. 

Now it is possible to have an early warning of any health problems associated with the pet food recall. Health Meter Cat Litter and Detect Cat Litter Additive have excellent liquid absorption and odor control. One jug of Health Meter Cat Litter will last one cat an entire month. 

Health Meter and Detect Cat Litter Additive have been tested and approved by Veterinarians and is non-toxic, biodegradable, unscented and safe for the environment and your kitty. Health Meter Cat Litter is an excellent every day litter to monitor the health of your cat even if your kitty has not been exposed to the issues of the pet food recall. Detect Cat Litter Additive is an excellent way to get the benefits of Health Meter in any litter. 

Health Meter Cat Litter was featured in Cat Fancy Magazine and also chosen as an Animal Wellness Magazine "Product Pick". Health Meter Cat Litter is available at PetSmart stores nationwide.


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